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Virginia Opossum, also called possum is our only native marsupial in North America. The opossum is nocturnal and uses its keen sense of smell to locate food. Possums are omnivorous and will eat just about anything. Sometimes, it eats garbage and carrion.

Possum Biology:

The possum female may have as many as 25 babies, but she usually will have between seven to eight. The reason they have so many babies is to insure that some of them survive. Like most marsupials, opossums are very small when they are born – about the size of a navy bean.

The Virginia Opossum can be found in most of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains and on the West Coast. It is also found in Mexico, Central America and in British Columbia, Canada.

For those with experience with the opossum they like to show off their big row of teeth to ward off potential predators or when attacked play possum (dead and emit a foul smell as if they were a dead carcass). The opossum is not a frequent invader of homes but it does happen and occasionally a opossum can be caught in a attic or stuck in a vent somewhere including even a chimney with a faulty or missing chimney cap. Call us for Opossum Removal.

Possum Trapping:

The best method to get rid of nuisance possums is trapping. The best way is to trap and remove opossums in large cage traps. If you have possums living in an attic, they can be trapped , but one-way exclusion doors also work in this case. The traps can be set on the roof or in the attic.

Kansas Areas We Service:

If you need possum removal problem in Wichita, KS and would like a Meneely Wildlife Control technician to provide expert wildlife removal services for you, please contact  Meneely Wildlife Control  by calling (580) 761-6526 in Wichita, Andover, Rose Hill, Derby, Haysville, Schulte,  Goddard, Clearwater, Mulvane, Udall, Wellington, Oxford, El Dorado and other Kansas locations. We solve opossum problems in lawns & gardens by trapping and removing possums.

Oklahoma Areas We Service:

When you need possums removed in Ponca City OK, Newkirk, Blackwell, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Enid, Pond Creek, Deer Creek, Lamont, Medford, Kaw City, Shidler, Fairfax and all other Oklahoma locations, pick up the phone and call Meneely Wildlife Control at 580-761-6526.

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