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There is a lot of space between Goddard, Wichita & Winfield KS and Enid – Bartlesville -Ponca City OK , and Stillwater, OK. The one common thing is an abundance of wildlife and we have seen the need to operate a local Wildlife Control Company specializing in professional removal of skunks, squirrels, racoons, birds and wild animals. Meneely Wildlife removes bats from attics, pigeons from roosts, rodents from attics, animals beneath sheds and decks, and anywhere pests are causing problems.
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Wildlife Control Services in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Meneely Wildlife Control are experts in Animal Removal, Armadillo Removal, Animal Damage Repair, Attic Cleanup, Bat Removal, Bird Control, Bee Removal, Beaver Trapping, Chipmunk Removal, Coyote Trapping, House Pest Control, Ground Hog Removal, Lizard Control, Mole Trapper, Pocket Gopher Trapper, Raccoon Removal, Rodent Removal, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Skunk Removal, Snake Removal, and Dead Animal Removal.

Animal Trapping and Removal

We guarantee fantastic results by only using the best products and technology available on the market. We realize that no two pests are alike, which is why we provide a variety of options when it comes to achieving your desired pest control. This can include animal removal, fencing, feces removal, removal of pest droppings and dead animals, extermination and pest prevention. We believe that animals can be trapped and relocated. We are passionate about helping our customers. If you’re looking for some expert pest removal and human extermination, visit Meneely Wildlife Control where your pest problem will be handled professionally. From animal trapping to bee relocation we offer it all. Not to mention, we provide consultations to explain our available procedures and pest removal techniques. Our team is always happy to answer any questions and provide information about our selection of animal control services and pest removal. We know our customers value their privacy and ease of access, so to meet those needs, we offer convenient pest pickup, pest trapping and pest removal even when you're not home.

Bird Control and Bat Prevention

A common sight in cities around the world, Rock Pigeons crowd streets and public squares, living on discarded food and offerings of birdseed. Introduced to North America from Europe in the early 1600s, city pigeons nest on buildings and window ledges. Meneely Wildlife can remove pigeons and prevent pigeons from nesting and roosting in barns, grain towers, under eaves, and anywhere you want pigeons removed.

Pest Removal, Stillwater Oklahoma

If you need bird removal service in Wichita, KS and would like a Meneely Wildlife Control technician to provide expert wildlife removal services for you, please contact  Meneely Wildlife Control  by calling (580) 761-6526 in Wichita, Andover, Rose Hill, Derby, Haysville, Schulte, Goddard, Clearwater, Mulvane, Udall, Wellington, Oxford, El Dorado and other Kansas locations. We solve bird problems in commercial buildings or homes by trapping, removing birds, and setting up bird prevention spikes and fencing.

Experienced Team of Nuisance Pest Exterminators

INSPECTION – We fully inspect your building and property to  understand completely the causes of the wildlife problem. We strive to  solve your problem permanently, by addressing the cause. ANIMALS IN ATTICS – If you are hearing animal in your attic, we enter and inspect the attic to identify the animal(s), and any damage they may have caused. HUMANE ANIMAL TRAPPING – Most jobs call for trapping, capture and removal of wild animals. We put over 45 years of experience to use to safely, and humanely catch the unwanted pests. ENTRY HOLE REPAIRS – If you have animals in your house, it is very important to find and repair all holes that allow entry. Our repairs are done with professional grade material and backed by a solid warranty. ATTIC CLEANUP – When needed, we clean, disinfect  and deodorize your attic, to prevent mildew, mold, germs & viruses, and odors after the pests have been removed. We also install new insulation if needed. BAT REMOVAL – We pride ourselves on GUARANTEED live removal of bats from buildings in Oklahoma and Kansas. BIRD REMOVAL AND CONTROL- Keep pigeons and other birds out of and off of buildings and other structures with our pigeon fencing and preventative barriers. RODENT CONTROL – We know a complete and permanent way to get rid of mice or rats.

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Wildlife Control Categories

Armadillo Trapping

If you need armadillos removed, hire the professionals at Meneely Wildlife Control. Armadillos are not native to Kansas or Oklahoma, they originally came from central and South America but have expanded their range dramatically since arriving here.

Bat Removal

A common complaint related to bats is when they occupy the attics of our homes & vacant buildings. We remove, catch, capture and if necessary trap bats to protect your home & property from the risk of rabies and other disease.

Beaver Control

Beavers can cause thousands of dollars damage by clogging up overflow and drainage pipes. Beavers also cause damage by eating ornamental trees, fruit trees and shade trees. Beaver removal is easy with Meneely Wildlife Control.

Bee, Wasp, and Hornet

If you need armadillos removed, hire the professionals at Meneely Wildlife Control. Armadillos are not native to Kansas or Oklahoma, they originally came from central and South America but have expanded their range dramatically since arriving here.

Bird Control

Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows can be taken anytime with out the need to get a bird degradation permit. We get rid of birds and bird poop and clean and sanitize bird roosts and bird feeding areas free of bird poop or bird feces.

Dead Animal Removal

Meneely Wilflife Removal will remove your dead animals from under decks, inside attics, and inside barns. If you have dead mice, rats, insects, or other dead pests, call Meneely to remove them.

Gopher, Mole, Vole

These little critters sure can cause lots of damage to your lawn or pastures. Gophers and moles dig deep tunnels and it takes an experienced trapper to be consistent in capturing and removing them.

Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs can cause lots of damage to your lawn or pastures. Groundhog removal and groundhog trapping takes an experienced trapper to be consistent in capturing and removing them.

Opossum Trapping

The opossum has been found under mobile homes, dead in sauna tub plumbing and yes even stuck and died under any plumbing if they can enter it they will explore and we find the possums and get them out,

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Predator Removal

Predators can harm your livestock and be a nuisance to our household. Meneely Wildlife Removal will capture predators such as foxes, coyotes, and bobcats. Predators will then be relocated safely.

Racoon Removal

Sure we do a lot of raccoon control work in the area. The raccoon is a very powerful, intelligent creature that seems to always find a new way to break into the attics of homes through the eaves. We trap, control and remove raccoons.

Rodent Removal

If you have a rodent problem, call Meneely Wilflife Removal. We specialize in trapping mice, rats, and other vermine that are causing problems. We also make sure to stop them from causing future damage.

Skunk Removal

If you have a skunk problem you can count on Meneely Wildlife Control to trap and remove Skunks. The moment we put down our humane skunk traps they begin working to provide you live, humane, odorless skunk removal.

Snake Removal

We provide local snake handling, snake identification and handle all snakes whether they are venomous or not. We remove rattlers, cottonmouths, copperheads, and other snakes from homes, businesses, commercial and industrial properties.

Squirrel Removal

We are experienced in squirrel control and handling squirrels in your attic, a squirrel in the fireplace, a squirrel in a chimney, a squirrel in your eaves or a squirrel in your basement or garage. These problems are what we do professionally every day.



"Quick and professional. And tries to ensure safety for both the animal and the circumstance. Thank you!"


"Mr. Meneely truly lives up to the name wildlife control. His knowledge of the animals he removes and communication with customers is second to none . I’d recommend him to anyone."


"Went well, always on time. Explained what he was doing. Allocated to trap skunks from under house. Set up traps & checked often. Came quickly if called. Caught 1 opossum & a large racoon. I would call him again if needed."
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